A Pure Soul Never Dies

Why A Pure Soul Never Dies? Leon although mischievous and having a wicked sense of humour, loved to see a good puch up on the television or anywhere else. I remember being told he was very good at getting his best friend Nile into trouble when he was at school. The telepathy those two shared was amazing, he would laugh when Nile was told off. Even though the teachers knew but could not prove that Leon had put Nile up to it.

So Why A Pure Soul Never Dies.

I suppose it has something to do with the diamonds extract from 'Many Lives, Many Masters', I have always been of the view that everyone, was like a diamond. Many facets but depending on the mood you were in determined which facet was shown. We are all like that in some way, striving higher, passing down knowledge so that our children can grow better than us. But always equal.

Leon was one of the purest souls on this planet. Very few adults, and only new born children come close to that purity. And one year after he died that soul is still as bright as the stars in the sky. A Pure Soul does not die. A Pure Soul is sent to inspire and help us to grow, and for my part in his life Leon has done a damn good job.

Music being the greatest of expression of how a person feels, it was only fitting to put together a CD which represents Leon in a brighter light. Every person we have spoken to, who have heard the CD have liked it, and one or two have commented how uplifting it is. That is fantastic and I hope for all the people who knew Leon and have heard the CD, feel the same and you continue to do so for many years.

01 In The Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett - The Very Best Of Wilson Pickett  
02 Babylon David Gray -White Ladder  
03 Muicology Prince - Musicology
04 Help Me Make It Through The Night John Holt - The Joh Holt Collection
05 Babylon System Bob Marley & the Wailers Survival
06 Dentist! Little Shop Of Horrors
07 Survival Bob Marley & The Wailers - Survival  
08 Feed Me ( Git It ) Little Shop Of Horrors
09 One Drop Bob Marley & the Wailers - Survival  
10 Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton - The Clapton Chronicles
11 Ride Natty Ride (12" Mix) Bob Marley & the Wailers
12 I'll Take You There Ladysmith Black Mambazo  
13 How Come The World Won't Stop Anastacia
14 One Love / People Get Ready Bob Marley & The Wailers
15 Sun Is Shining Bob Marley & The Wailers  
16 Morning Of My Life John Holt  
17 I'll be Missing You Various  
18 His Eye Is On The Sparrow Marvin Gaye - The Very Best Of Marvin Gaye