Music for The Cars


Leon left the funeral home and on the way went to his fathers' home and then to his mothers', from there to the church and then on to his final resting place at the cemetery.  A trip which took him around the whole of the city, something which he would have you do everyday of the week.

These songs like the Order Of Service CD was chosen to represent Leon.  In some cultures, a Wake or a party can go on for days on end.  Songs are sung and played to celebrate the person passing into heaven they celebrate the life of the person.  Leon's culture was both Jamaican and English and he embraced both cultures with equal gusto and his family and friends refused to put him into either camp.  He was Leon the person, Leon the man.  He was and always will be Leon.


Title - Artist


Official Homepage

1 Get The Party Started - Pink He had a ball down here, He is having a party in heaven. Homepage


2 Respect - Aretha Franklin Linda bought the best of Aretha Franklin CD some months before Leon died.  When the CD was played for the first time Leon's ears pricked up and his hand went straight for the volume button on the car CD player.  He recognised the voice straight away as he'd been a fan of hers from a young age. Homepage
3 Sunflower - Paul Weller We were in town one Sunday and we happened to wonder as we often did, into a record shop  We were   always on the look out for music or DVD's.that Leon would like.  We heard the album Wild Wood by Paul Weller.  At first we thought it was Eric Clapton.  We bought it and we played it in the car.  A copy for Leon,  So that he could listen to it at his house.  It was a CD that he played often. Homepage
4 Spanish Harlem - Aretha Franklin  A pure Soul in the world.  A Goddess to sing to you. Homepage


5 You'll Never Be Alone - Anastacia Powerful, emotive and above all a beautiful blonde lady with an amazing voice.  He loved a lady with blonde hair. Homepage
6 The Way You Move - OutKast (Big Boi) Old Soul with a young twist. Homepage


7 Abraham, Martin and John - Marvin Gaye For His Sister. Unofficial Page


8 Hey Ya - OutKast (Andre 3000) The OutKast album was bought at Christmas.  We had intended buying the single but all the shops had sold out, including the album.  A frantic search from Arnold to Town led us to FOPP where we were lucky to find the album.  This was a popular track when played at his 18th Birthday party and Leon loved to dance to this at home.  We nearly needed to replace the floor boards because when he danced, he did it with gusto!!! Homepage
9  I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown James Brown, James Brown, The hardest working man in show business.  Mr James Brown.  Leon's all time favourite.  There were amny nights when he went to sleep watching his favourite James Brown DVD. Homepage
10 Moon On Your Pyjamas - Paul Weller What appears to be a light song, has deep meaning.  Leon stood at a window day or night.  Moon On Your Pyjamas young man. Homepage
11 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Aretha Franklin Better than the original by far.  Gospel and Soulful.  Nuff Said