This extract is taken from 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr Brian Weiss.

The true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and past-life therapy.  This was the question posed by the Doctor in a dream when communicating with contacts he had made with the Masters in the Spirit World.

"How is it that you say all are equal, yet the obvious contradictions smack us in the face: inequalities in virtues, temperances, finances, rights, abilities and talents, intelligence, mathematical aptitude, ad infinitum?"

The answer was a metaphor.  "It is as if a large diamond were to be found inside each person.  Picture a diamond a foot long.  The diamond has a thousand facets, but the facets are covered with dirt and tar.  It is the job of the Soul to clean each facet until the surface is brilliant and can reflect a rainbow of colours.  Now, some have cleaned many facets and gleam brightly.  Others have only managed to clean a few, they do not sparkle so.  yet, underneath the dirt, each person possess within his or her breast a brilliant diamond with a thousand gleaming facets.  The diamond is perfect, not one flaw.  The only differences among people are the number of facets cleaned.  But each diamond is the same, and each is perfect.

When all the facets are cleaned and shining forth in a spectrum of lights, the diamond returns to the pure energy that is was originally.  The lights remain.  It is as if the process that goes into making the diamond is reversed, all that pressure released.  The pure energy exists in the rainbow of lights, and the lights possess consciousness and knowledge.  And all the diamonds are perfect."