Come follow the Double Rainbows Mum,
they will bring you right to me.
     You should have known I'd never leave you Mum,
without something beautiful to see.
  I followed those Double Rainbows to my son,
   lifeless, swollen and bruised.
I was empty, tired and heartbroken,
lost, angry and confused.
As I drove in through those Double Rainbows, 
I tried to push back the tears.
While my mind searched through my memories,
my heart thought of the years;
from your tiny newborn face,
to your grown up worries and fears.

   Why was God being so cruel? 
Why was God being so unkind?
I knew in my heart that answer
I desperately needed to find.
Please don't be angry with God Mum, 
you see He took me by the hand.
He never let me feel pain or suffer,
He never even let me land.

   The only thing that comforted me, 
was the lightning and the thunder, 
and those beautiful Double Rainbows
  we always seemed to stay right under.
Something inside told me,
with every crack of the thunder,
this had to be a message from my son,
My love, My little wonder.
Yes, it was me who sent the rainbows Mum,
so that all of you could see,
just how beautiful it is in heaven with God,
   and that I was happy and my soul was free.

   Now every time you see Rainbows Mum,
you will always be close to me.
I'm waiting for those who loved me Mum,
   so that we can always be happy in heaven with God,
   For all eternity.